Sunday, December 28, 2008

But Some Are Just Black Holes

some people are gifted. as for myself? i'd call it challenged.

i'm lacking in my creativity
and going through a loss of originality
been writing about love since before i was born
the fantasy romance died five years ago
all that's left is a corpse and an unfinished tombstone.

that pretty much describes my creative lifestyle right now. notice how the song is unfinished? no chorus, no melody, no chord progression. yeah, there never will be any of that at the rate i'm going. every time i get a good idea, it floats out of my head just as fast, if not faster than it came in. it's like i'm stuck on the dock waiting the boat to come back and by the time i shake off the disconnected memories and really settle in, the boat has sailed away. again. it happens every single time. is there something wrong with me? why can't i ever finish something?
it pretty much kills me, because i could deffinately be a really amazing musician if i could just finish one litte song.

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