Sunday, March 1, 2009

They Washed Me Shore And They Took My Pearl

Deep Blue

Swallowed whole by the deep blue sea
Drowning in endless mystery, endless misery
Just when I thought the worst was over
Another wave came crashing down
Stealing my hopefulness, my confidence
Leaving an empty shell of who I used to be
What do I make of this blank, new me?
Surrounded by walls of water- hold my breath, pray for death
Watching in silence as I watch lives draining out
The only thing I know is the deep blue enveloping me
A blue of starry skies, soul piercing eyes
Suddenly engulfed in dismal black
Gasping for air just seconds left-
The end of life? The end of strife.
The deep blue vanishing before my eyes
No longer smothered by the violent waves
From the blue I’m rising up, rising out
Nothing to hold me back
Time to stretch my wings and learn to fly
I’ll fly far, fly free, fly to find a new me
Take a flight that’s bittersweet
Just like the salt of the sea deep blue.

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