Monday, March 2, 2009

When The Guilt Sets In

A Secret Oath

today just doesn't feel right, it feels like things are going by in slow motion. minutes feel like days, hours like weeks. i don't know what's going on- strike that- i do, but its one of those things that i just don't have the nerve to explain. i'm in a fog. i know what i want but i can't have it. i know what i need but i don't have a way of getting it. i lost my chance what seems like years ago and i'll admit that this pain is my fault. there's no one to blame because no one tried to do this, no one pushed forward. just me. song to describe my mood, "if i hadnt blown the whole thing years ago, i might not be alone." Hey Jealousy, The Gin Blossoms Another song- "you've brainwashed me and now i'm more confused. i still somehow hope i'll end up with you." Himerus & Eros, The Spill Canvas

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